Indications That Your Asphalt Roofing is Weakening

Summer and spring are the best time to have your roof replaced. During this time, the installation process is more efficient and a lot faster. Also, warmer weather is greater for the materials. Get your roof chanced this summer season and it is one less thing you will need to worry of once winter strikes again. Like all types of roofs, asphalt roofing eventually degrades and fails as well, needing you to have it replaced. If you’re unsure whether you should reroof your asphalt roof or not, check out the following signs to pay attention to:  


Flashing isn’t doing its job anymore  

Metal flashing is installed all over your chimney and vents. At times, it is mounted along the valleys and walls of your roof. When it’s impaired, water can reach within such susceptible spots. At times, damaged flashings aren’t that apparent from the ground, and any problems are seen with water reaching in your home. When in doubt, hire your trusted roofing contractors in Tampa FL to come to get your roof checked. They can help detect any harmed flashings and other issues of your roof that you did not know of. Moreover, they can help you by giving recommendations on what measures to take to improve your roof. They also provide quality roof services like re-roofing or roof repair.   

The shingles are breaking off  

Have you seen tiny parts of shingles that lays all over your lawn? Can you notice any areas of your roof where shingles are missing or broken? Wind conditions and extreme storms can cause destruction to your shingles and roof. Regardless if you have a brand new or old roof, it can still become damaged once the elements are extreme. Once your roofing has any broken or missing shingles, they cannot effectively help with the water run-off particularly when the damage is close to your roof’s peak. If you think your roof has this issue, make sure to contact the roofing experts today.   

Clawing and curling shingles  

If your asphalt shingles are already exposed to several years of sunlight, it begins to deteriorate and they can either claw, curl, or even do both. Clawing happens once the shingles curl into the roof. Meanwhile, curling takes place once the shingle tab’s edges are curled upwards. This can cause them to serve like sails as they catch the wind and fly off the roof. Though these normally happens for an old roof, it can make it less secure from rain, hail, ice, and wind. Moreover, it diminishes your resale value and your curb appeal.  

Your roofing has bare spots  

When your asphalt roofing seems like its spots, perhaps it’s failing you. Eventually, the tiny specks within your asphalt shingle will wear out and drop from your roof. Such spots usually get hard sooner or later and result in bare areas within your roof. Perhaps all such granules are lurking within your gutters. Hence, if you can observe any bare spots, make sure to check your gutter and have it cleaned as well.  

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