Reasons to Have Your Home Exterior Pressure Washed This Summer

Your house’s exterior is prone to damage, soiling, and discoloration because it is always exposed to natural elements such as insects, birds, dirt, ultraviolet rays, sun, and even the wind – all of these contribute to your house’s deterioration. Even if your house paint is the best quality and is painted by professional Roundrock painting services, your house’s exterior still needs some pressure washing. It is the best way to safeguard your time, investment, and your family’s health.  

The following are the benefits of pressure washing your house’s exterior: 

1. It is effective in preventing property damage 

There are different natural elements that cause damage and discoloration to your house’s exterior and this even includes moisture during the winter that causes stains. If you fail to remove the grime and dirt on surfaces, this leads to permanent damage. The molds, algae, and mold that will be stuck on the surfaces will significantly feed on the paint and gradually deteriorate it in no time.  

2.It serves as the primer before putting on some paint 

If you have a plan on resurfacing, refinishing or repainting your exterior’s walls, pressure washing the walls first is the best way to prepare the surfaces and removing all the grime and dirt and to have a clean surface for the paint. If you do not remove all the dirt, grime, and old paint, the new paint will hardly stick.  

3.It protects your family’s health 

The grime and the dirt that is accumulated as well as the allergens on the exterior’s walls can cause allergic reactions to your family especially to your children and pets. Allergic reactions include sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes. According to the ACAAI or the American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, some of these allergic triggers are pollen, dust mites, and mold spores. These can all be removed through pressure washing.  

4.It saves you some time 

When it comes to cleaning your house, time will be one of your enemies, so it is important to beat time. And one way to do this is to avoid climbing ladders, making cleaning solutions, and scrubbing for hours just remove stains, and opt for using pressure washer instead.  

5.It is safe for the environment 

When you opt for the scrubbing cleaning method, you will be needing some strong cleaning solutions because dirt and grime are difficult to remove through scrubbing.  

On the other hand, pressure washing efficiently removes difficult dirt and stains through pressure and water, and thus there is no need for hard and hazardous cleaning solutions.  


There are two reasons why you need a pressure washing, first, you want to maintain your exterior’s paint, and second, to prepare your walls in case you are planning to refinish and repaint. It can save you time, provides an efficient cleaning method, and it is as well friendly to the environment. Even if you are using the best quality paint or have hired professional painting services, there is still a need to maintain what you have put.